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Hi! 「VirtualVeteran」

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Hi i'm VirtualVeteran but my previous names are DirtyMemez,Skorpo2.0,Cheesy Aim.    I have been in PBFortress since 2013 December but this is a forum account made in 2017, i have many forum accounts but i forgot there passwords. 

I am from the UK

I am 15

I found out about PBFortress threw VSH which was the best VSH experience in my opinion you will never find a better VSH experience like that. I remember a lot of people but someone of them have went to other community's. I remember most of the staff but they were removed.

I main Sniper/Spy/Pyro

I have a lot of steam accounts but i forgot there passwords i have been on steam for 7 years. I don't even remember there user names.

And you will probably been seeing me around on the Jail Break servers.

Hopefully one day i could be a staff member for the TF2 servers.

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We never really throw VSH, it still in our heart and we try to get the gamemode back like a ex gf sadly.... Aha ahah ah skrrt its sad. (Kenny Wong) 

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