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[TF2] Saxton Hale Rules

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A fun-spirited gamemode, Versus Saxton Hale is a gamemode where one player is chosen at random to become the "Boss" and must defeat all members of the RED team in order to win. The RED team must band together and cooperate with one another to ensure victory over the Boss by employing strategic teamwork to maximize survival.


Be careful-- band together too close and the Boss may unleash his mighty rage, frightening all who get too close.


Will the Boss reign supreme, or will the sheer numbers of the RED team subdue his might?



- You must be actively attacking Hale; you may not constantly avoid him.

*You can not run away all the time without doing any damage. That can reward in a slay.

*Exception of Engineers, Snipers, Heavies, and pocket Medics, whose job is to camp.


- Saxton cannot just let a player kill him intentionally (allowing friendlies).

*There are NO "friendly players;" being friendly is punishable.


- Try and not camp too much as Saxton; it slows the game down and you may be dealt with by an administrator.


- Hale is not allowed to buy ranged bullet or projectile weapons at anytime from the !store. That will reward in a slay/ ban.

*Hale cannot buy the Eyelander (the weapon glitches the skin).

*Certain bosses have ranged weapons with limited ammo by default, such as Christian Brutal Sniper (Festive Huntsman) and Doom (Shotgun/ Rocket Launcher).


- No ghosting when you are dead; this is telling people where Saxton is or where other players are.

*Players that are alive can communicate with each other.


- If you are not playing, quit or go into spectate; otherwise, you will be moved to spectate OR kicked by the AFK manager.


- Do NOT change class as Hale. That can reward in a slay or ban.


- Do not suicide as Hale; you will either sit out the following, or you may be kicked.


- Do not glitch/ exploit the map in any way. This will result in a warning for a first offense and a slay if repeated.


- Do not switch classes while Hale is in pursuit of you in order to evade and/or regenerate all your health. This will lead in a slay.


- Do not buy weapons as Demoman (with the shield) or Spy, as this grants you full crits/minicrits, and is severely overpowered.

*Buying Demoman-specific weapons as Demoman, however, is okay, such as a Festive Grenade Launcher.

*Demoman can ONLY buy the Festive Charge-N-Targe; no other class may use that weapon from the Store.


- Do NOT abuse the !store system. For instance, you may only use 1 respawn (staff and members). It does not matter how many credits you have; do not abuse it.


- VIPs may change their class during a class rush as they paid for a perk and should be allowed to enjoy the benefit of being a VIP/Donator


- [FOR STAFF ONLY] Do not kick players who are AFK either as Hale or RED team; let the AFK manager do the job it was designed to do.

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