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    Application Format

    You are about to apply for to become part of the moderation team, by applying you are saying you have read the rules including the staff policy document and the requirements. Denying any of these statements will result in a blacklist of up to 6 months. For the answers please write in non-bold letters. Copy from here to the bottom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Age of 16 (exceptions can be made) Server Playtime of 2 days Garry’s Mod Playtime of 300 hours Discord Account & Joined the Official PBFortress Discord A decent and working microphone ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Questions: Question 1): What is your age? Answer): Question 2): What is your Server Playtime? Answer): Question 3): What is your Garry’s Mod Playtime? Answer): Question 4): Discord Tag (Example: MyUsername#2225) Answer): Question 5): What timezone are you located in? Question 6): Your SteamID: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Questions: Question 5): Introduce yourself… (Minimum 150 words) Answer): Question 6): Are you able to make logical and smart decisions in short amount of time? Answer): Question 7): Why would you like to become part of the moderation team? Answer): Question 8): Would you consider yourself more of a leader or a follower and why? Answer): Question 9): Have you had any experience with the role or the tools that any moderation team use? Answer): Question 10): Do you have any recommendations from any of our staff? (Provide screenshot) Answer): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Situation related Questions: Note: For the following questions, proceed to write a step by step process of how you would resolve the situation along with punishments(if any) for their actions. If you do not know any moderation tools I would highly suggest to do your research before answering any questions below as it helps us to judge the accuracy of your judgement and whether you are suitable for such role. For your account, you are part of the moderation team. Remember to try your best. Situation Number 1): You just teleported Player1 and Player2 to a sit after Player1 reported and accused Player2 for RDM. Player1 says: “I was just building my shop and he came up to me and shot me”. Player2 denies such actions by saying “I didn’t kill him, I was just standing next to him” in a squeaky voice. What do you do? Answer): Situation Number 2): You are in a middle of a sit with Player1 and Player2 and you are about to warn Player2 for RDA. Suddenly Player2 leaves the server, leaving the sit. What do you do? Answer): Situation Number 3): While patrolling on duty, you see Player1 who is a thief just straight up, run up to a gun store and proceeds to kill all customers inside the store. What do you do? Answer): Situation Number 4): You are a thief in a base that is being currently raided by a gang, you successfully eliminate 3 out of 4 of the raiders. However, one of the raiders you just killed came back and kills you in the process. What do you do? Answer): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applications usually take up to 24 to 72 hours before it’s reviewed. Any active showing off or mentions about the application will result in instant denial as it is actively sharing your application. So nothing of “I just applied for PBFortress” or “Can’t wait for my application to be reviewed”, that includes any obvious comments sent by your friends below your application to influence the choice.
  2. Your forum name reminds me of a boss from Path of Exile x3