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    Hi, my name is Jamie and I am Dyspraxic.
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  1. Miss the old days.
  2. Steam Summer Sale 2017 just started. Can't be that bad, right?
    1. Aldash


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld2nWfIap2k When you see Shadow Of Mordor is £3
  3. It literally is the 4th June today, did you know that?
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Oh, I get it! Because you're a cheese pringle, and today is National Cheese Day! You're so clever! ;)
  4. Have you ever thought about why we exist? Have you ever questioned if you're living life to it's fullest?
  5. Today is yet again another rage-inducing day on For Honour. *Not for Team Fortress 2 though
  6. How do I unbecome "New Member" and how to england?
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

    2. Ray


      I'm not even going to bother to see that link so instead you get 50 post and you get "member" and then "active member" at 100 post and the rest is history
    3. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      it's a fucking youtube video just click the damn thing ya lazy bones!