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    I was an admin for almost 6 months. I am currently retired. #RWBY
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  1. When Cena said make a report, he meant make a report not use crying emojis.
  2. “I’m a nice guy, I’ll treat you right.” -Nice Guy
  3. noob :^)
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      never said there was anything wrong bb <3 no h8 crime
    3. The Snow Mexican

      The Snow Mexican

      what did a "Noob :^)" post turn into ffs.
  4. mang dao dong also your arm seems to be on the RIGHT track =(
  5. ya like ya hair? you had better arm yourself against these puns! they're the hottest ones on the block! don't bullet me keep doing them! ya like jazz?
  6. I miss the old, non neo-nazi Fritz...
  7. Dad?
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      I thought you said your dad died... oh...
  8. Earthbound is the best game