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  1. Olaves

    Rate the music above you

    solid 9/10. It's one of those songs that grow on you. First time i heard this when it came out, I would have given it a 6 but now after listening to this many many times, i'd give it a 9/10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVq16JzT-oY
  2. https://gyazo.com/da6b9c07908461b87189df560a9ee54d
  3. You can be anything you like on the internet so why choose to be a dickhead?
  4. http://sketchtoy.com/67299541
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      fk off Olives
  6. Yes, i remember muting u. Wait for me to get home from work. Add me on steam. btw should have been perma muted cos racist music
  7. Why did ou deleted my post son did root deleted it I am very sad say 2 unmute me !
    1. Olaves


      i didnt someone is doing it for me against my will ;(
  8. Profile pictures are too mainstream
  9. Back
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      I don't trust you... I remember what your Rep used to look like... >=3 :D Jk, Welcome back.. XXXDDD
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      Hurry up and load!!! - Oh wait...