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  1. Poseidon wasn't from Mt. Olympus He Lived in The Ocean Zeus Lived In Mount Olympus Hades Lived in the Underworld
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

  2. where's my sig? i posted in your sig shop wth
    1. Ray


      Wtf you can't rush quality
    2. Poseidon


      I'm a busy person who doesn't work anything like this on the weekends because it's the only time I have to be with my friends. Expect it by the end of this week. You should get into contact with me on Steam.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0WeiG2-HRQ
  4. RWBY Volume 4? RWBY Volume 4.
  5. Every journey is a series of choices. The first is to begin the journey.
  6. I have the best computer in PBFortress :^)
  7. I'm a meme machine
  8. I'm still alive and still a huge faggot.