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  1. PogChamp The kid is back
  2. Dumplings is better than me at Super Smash Bros. Melee v1.02 NTSC
  3. 09/09/17 A great man was lost today.
  4. we got the copy rice
  5. i literally message everyone about all of my problems and all i do is whine and complain lol. sorry again guys. wish i could change how i am
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      if you put yourself down one more time about this amazing emotional truth i will literally come to your house with my sjw flamethrower of compassion
  6. i really fucking hate myself. sorry for letting alot of ppl down. just not feeling it anymore.
  7. i feel like i just dump my problems on everyone in this community.
  8. parenthetical run-on and on and on
  9. fuuuuuuck yeah
  10. back after <24 hrs
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      watt happened? did you have a bright idea or something?
    2. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      i need some illumination on the situation!
  11. Welcome to the retirement homes.
    1. lil blaze

      lil blaze

      Not anymore, lmao.
  12. Ah well, glad that you were a part of the staff team, while it lasted...
  13. matt I'm not ready to be moder
    1. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      what about a motorboat?
    2. Mattaroni
    3. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      Yoshiha12 (Ice God)

      literally responded a month later from when this was posted fettuchine man....
  14. A true homie, through thick and thin he's there for you. Don't take his kindness for weakness.
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