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  1. VoidNemesis

    PBFortress Quotes

    Any quotes from PBFortress may it be members or staff can be posted here. Enjoy every single one of them may they be in the future or in the past! Post anything and everything related to the subject. for oldies (PBFortress Quotes V2)
  2. VoidNemesis

    Appeal Format

    Copy everything below, beyond this point ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your steamID | find your steamID here | : Your current steam username : Username of the staff member who punished you : What type of punishment(warn/ban?) : Reason for Punishment & duration : Evidence | recorded evidence would be better depending on the situation | : Case Details/Opinion : By posting this appeal i confirm that all details and evidence presented is not false,lied about or gone through any editing software. Signed [Your Username]
  3. Sad to see you go legs <3
  4. Congratz on Manager!!!!!
  5. when you give someone -rep for shit reasons.... rest in spaghetti never forghetti rip nemetoad 2k16-2k17
  6. Hey Void, I'm sorry for that first draft back in toggle ff that was a bit rude and admittedly my 1st reactions to it and i did edit it immediately after because i knew how bad that msg was so i'd just like to apologize if i offended you in any way and i hope we can continue to be buds <3
    1. VoidNemesis


      It as a joke imma take em back rn ;p
    2. Yoshiha12 (Ice God)