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  1. wtf happened to this dood
    1. kokostal


      No clue, i miss him alot he was always so positive ;v
    2. kokostal


      Now that i think about it he might have died
  2. You were my 500th like thanks friendo! :D (fr tho thanks my dude)
  3. Crack open the champagne bottles bois! WE FUCKING DID IT! WOOOOO!!!
  4. as the wild nebula stalks the wild looking for nearby :dash: s to slaughter in search for food to survive in the harsh wilds of pbfortress
  5. parenthetical run-on and on and on
  6. 5 dollar 3 tender fillup is baller as hell xDD
  7. just found out one of the dogs that my dad me and another person owned just died ;~;
  8. when you give someone -rep for shit reasons.... rest in spaghetti never forghetti rip nemetoad 2k16-2k17
  9. when you said minectaft i imagined logan paul dabbing while heiling hitler xD
  10. the shape of that emoji just shows what you will always be to me! <3
  11. you've fellen in love with me!
  12. give me mod or give me aids
    1. Eight


      moder apply
  13. posting tog you fucking legend
  14. hey i heard your nudes got leaked sorry to hear about that leafy!
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