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  3. original thread is original - infinite
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  5. We never really throw VSH, it still in our heart and we try to get the gamemode back like a ex gf sadly.... Aha ahah ah skrrt its sad. (Kenny Wong)
  6. It basically blocked the robots from going threw. Which means we can never loose
  7. now or else i'll suck your dick - Legacy I PBFortress.com
  8. waiting for servers to be alive again :P

  9. Hi i'm VirtualVeteran but my previous names are DirtyMemez,Skorpo2.0,Cheesy Aim. I have been in PBFortress since 2013 December but this is a forum account made in 2017, i have many forum accounts but i forgot there passwords. I am from the UK I am 15 I found out about PBFortress threw VSH which was the best VSH experience in my opinion you will never find a better VSH experience like that. I remember a lot of people but someone of them have went to other community's. I remember most of the staff but they were removed. I main Sniper/Spy/Pyro I have a lot of steam accounts but i forgot there passwords i have been on steam for 7 years. I don't even remember there user names. And you will probably been seeing me around on the Jail Break servers. Hopefully one day i could be a staff member for the TF2 servers.
  10. want something? fucking code it - uncleben
  11. Any quotes from PBFortress may it be members or staff can be posted here. Enjoy every single one of them may they be in the future or in the past! Post anything and everything related to the subject. for oldies (PBFortress Quotes V2)
  12. solid 9/10. It's one of those songs that grow on you. First time i heard this when it came out, I would have given it a 6 but now after listening to this many many times, i'd give it a 9/10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVq16JzT-oY
  13. A fun-spirited gamemode, Versus Saxton Hale is a gamemode where one player is chosen at random to become the "Boss" and must defeat all members of the RED team in order to win. The RED team must band together and cooperate with one another to ensure victory over the Boss by employing strategic teamwork to maximize survival. Be careful-- band together too close and the Boss may unleash his mighty rage, frightening all who get too close. Will the Boss reign supreme, or will the sheer numbers of the RED team subdue his might? ============================ - You must be actively attacking Hale; you may not constantly avoid him. *You can not run away all the time without doing any damage. That can reward in a slay. *Exception of Engineers, Snipers, Heavies, and pocket Medics, whose job is to camp. - Saxton cannot just let a player kill him intentionally (allowing friendlies). *There are NO "friendly players;" being friendly is punishable. - Try and not camp too much as Saxton; it slows the game down and you may be dealt with by an administrator. - Hale is not allowed to buy ranged bullet or projectile weapons at anytime from the !store. That will reward in a slay/ ban. *Hale cannot buy the Eyelander (the weapon glitches the skin). *Certain bosses have ranged weapons with limited ammo by default, such as Christian Brutal Sniper (Festive Huntsman) and Doom (Shotgun/ Rocket Launcher). - No ghosting when you are dead; this is telling people where Saxton is or where other players are. *Players that are alive can communicate with each other. - If you are not playing, quit or go into spectate; otherwise, you will be moved to spectate OR kicked by the AFK manager. - Do NOT change class as Hale. That can reward in a slay or ban. - Do not suicide as Hale; you will either sit out the following, or you may be kicked. - Do not glitch/ exploit the map in any way. This will result in a warning for a first offense and a slay if repeated. - Do not switch classes while Hale is in pursuit of you in order to evade and/or regenerate all your health. This will lead in a slay. - Do not buy weapons as Demoman (with the shield) or Spy, as this grants you full crits/minicrits, and is severely overpowered. *Buying Demoman-specific weapons as Demoman, however, is okay, such as a Festive Grenade Launcher. *Demoman can ONLY buy the Festive Charge-N-Targe; no other class may use that weapon from the Store. - Do NOT abuse the !store system. For instance, you may only use 1 respawn (staff and members). It does not matter how many credits you have; do not abuse it. - VIPs may change their class during a class rush as they paid for a perk and should be allowed to enjoy the benefit of being a VIP/Donator - [FOR STAFF ONLY] Do not kick players who are AFK either as Hale or RED team; let the AFK manager do the job it was designed to do.
  14. Rules: - No double posting I'll start:
  15. Former staff rank gone :((((

  16. [Minecraft Servers] PBFortress Hub Server Active gamemodes: Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Factions IP: play.pbfortress.com
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  18. Introduce yourself here! There are no post limits/ restrictions assigned to this forum.
  19. Below is a template which you can use to introduce yourself if you wish to do so, this is optional which means you may use your own if you'd like. Things you might want to consider: Name: Who has introduced you to PBFortress or how have you come across the community? Which servers do you like playing the most (and why)? Who do you know from this community already? Anything else?
  20. CSGO Servers [Fully Fixed] and Online We have been working hard to restore all csgo servers we found the Issue and fixed them from not downloading custom maps and content. We will keep making this coummity great again Have good week. pbfortress.com Team To view a complete list of our CSGO Servers visit our SourceBans++ server list at: http://pbfortress.com/sourcebanscs/index.php?p=servers To view a complete list of our TF2 Servers visit our SourceBans++ server list at: http://pbfortress.com/sourcebans/index.php?p=servers
  21. VIP Perks General Commands Reserved Slot - For this to work, join via the console typing "connect server ip" or join a not full server and use !servers to move to the server you want. !ccc - Custom Chat Colors change the color of your tag, name, and chat. Unusual Projectiles - Rockets, Grenades, Sandman Balls, Arrows, and more have Unusual Effects like Purple Energy and Sunbeams. Building Hats - Dispenser/Sentry will have a random hat/random unusual effect on it. !swap - Swap team (Idle Servers) !rof3, !rof2, !rof1 - Rate of Fire Increase Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1 (Idle Servers) !aia - Infinite Ammo (Idle Servers) Explosive arrows (Huntsman, Crusader Crossbow, Rescue Ranger) - Auto Activate when you join or !arrowsme to toggle on/off. (VSH only) !grav1, !grav2, !grav3- Lowers gravity to 80%, 85%, 90% respectively. !homing - Homing sentry gun rockets (VSH ONLY) Medic Speed Boost - Press your medic call button for a 6 Second Speed Boost.!mm or !equip - List of model skins you can equip. Killstreak Amount - Allows you to set a killstreak amount on your weapon for all those shiny effects! Resize Model Commands !small - Resize 20% smaller(IDLE ONLY) !normal - Resize back to normal size !medium - Resize 50% bigger !big - Resize 200% bigger !giant - Resize 300% bigger Head Size Commands !head0 - Resize your head 40% smaller !headnormal - Resize your head back to normal !head1 - Resize your head 200% bigger !head2 - Resize your head 400% bigger !head3 - Resize your head 500% bigger !head4 - Resize your head 600% bigger(idle only) !head5 - Resize your head 700% bigger(idle only) Field of View !fov90 - Field of View 90 !fov100- Field of View 100 !fov110- Field of View 110 Recolor Commands !random - Colorize yourself random !black - Colorize yourself black !red - Colorize yourself red !green - Colorize yourself green !blue - Colorize yourself blue !yellow - Colorize yourself yellow !purple - Colorize yourself purple !cyan - Colorize yourself cyan !orange - Colorize yourself orange !pink - Colorize yourself pink !olive - Colorize yourself olive !lime - Colorize yourself lime !violet - Colorize yourself violet !lightblue - Colorize yourself lightblue !silver - Colorize yourself silver !chocolate - Colorize yourself chocolate !saddlebrown - Colorize yourself saddlebrown !indigo - Colorize yourself indigo !ghostwhite - Colorize yourself ghostwhite !thistle - Colorize yourself thistle !aliceblue - Colorize yourself aliceblue !steelblue - Colorize yourself steelblue !teal - Colorize yourself teal !gold - Colorize yourself gold !tan - Colorize yourself tan !tomato - Colorize yourself tomato Class Change Commands(VSH Only) !scout - Change your class to scout (Vsh Only) !soldier - Change your class to soldier (Vsh Only) !pyro - Change your class to pyro (Vsh Only) !demoman - Change your class to demoman (Vsh Only) !demo - Change your class to demoman (Vsh Only) !heavy - Change your class to heavy(Vsh Only) !engi - Change your class to engineer (Vsh Only) !engineer - Change your class to engineer (Vsh Only) !medic - Change your class to medic (Vsh Only) !sniper - Change your class to sniper (Vsh Only) !spy - Change your class to spy (Vsh Only)
  22. VIP Prices are as follows. VIP: 1 month: 3 keys - $6 3 months: 8 keys - $16 Permanent: 30 keys - $60 You can either send a trade offer to any manager+ (including Sierra), with the comment formatted as: VIP Length/Time ---------------------- Example: You want to buy VIP for 3 months VIP 3 months ---------------------- For PayPal transactions, you can add Sierra here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/firefoxxie295/ For autmoated VIP shop donations, you can visit http://pbfortress.com/donate/
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