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GangWarsRP | Server Rules

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Be warned, rules subject to change <


Golden Rules:
The moderation team is always
right, if you disagree with them contact the manager.

GG2) Keep Racist comments to yourself.

GG3) If someone asks you to stop in OOC, you stop.

GG4) Casino and spawn are safe zones; you cannot kill anyone there. (Unless they run into it)

GG5) MassRDM’ers are not welcome on this server.

GG6) Cheaters/Hackers are not welcome either.

GG7) Everyone here is to have fun, don't spoil it.


General Rules:

G1) You are allowed to kill anyone within roleplay reasons. Anything outside of the roleplay reasons counts as RDM. We highly recommend to record your gameplay to provide evidence when in a sit. Same thing applies to CRDM

G2) NLR - New Life Rule; you are allowed to return to your original character however you are not allowed to revenge kill the person; as in killing him because he killed you.

G3) Do not abuse any exploits or glitches to your benefit. Report those bugs/glitches

G4) Do not metagame; advertising information outside of character

G5) Do not advertise outside communities outside of the server

G6) Do no micspam; micspam is identified as playing music or generally screaming through your microphone.

G7) Do not bodyblock; standing in a doorway. You are permitted to bodyblock with a roleplay related reason and with a gun in your hands.

G8) Do not drop your crafted weapon that is equipped on you to another person

G9) Do not break the laws of physics (prop surfing, prop killing etc)

G10) FailRP is not allowed; for example taking over somebody else’s base when you are not even raiding it in the first place; basically mingy actions.

G11) Any counter actions such as counter-raid or counter-mug must be told to an admin by @counter-(whatever you are countering); this proves you were countering someone’s actions.

G12) Do not randomly shoot props on accidental or on purpose.

G13) Do not base in the PD that includes the bank in the PD.

G14) Do not base in the cinema.


Job Rules:


JA1) All jobs are permitted to print except for Cinema Owner and any government related jobs.

JA2) All jobs are permitted to base except for any government related jobs.

JA3) All jobs are permitted to break props via damage.


JH1) Hobos are permitted to own property in a group of 3.

JH2) Hobos are also permitted to build forts on the streets in a group of 2.


JG1) All jobs are permitted to print except for Cinema Owner and any government related jobs.

JG2) Police have the full right to search your property at any given time. You also have the right to deny entry if you feel like it. (This is not a valid reason for a warrant)

JG3) Police can request warrant only if they have a valid roleplay reason such as: evidence suggesting the murderer may be in the house or seen printers being handled around the area.

JG4) Raiding rules R1, R2 and R4 still apply to police raids.

JG5) There are no corrupt government officials.

JG6) Do not randomly set statuses on players; must be roleplay related

JG7) Do not baton rush; basically running straight at a player/players and arresting them.

JG8) Do not randomly arrest players; again, must be roleplay related reasons.

JG9) Anyone has level above 50 is permitted to build checkpoints without permission of the moderation team, anyone below must ask. (The checkpoint must not act as a prop block)


JB1) You are not allowed to sell/give up printers that don’t belong to you.

JB2) As a banker you are urged to build a bank ASAP.

JB3) As the banker you are not permitted to leave the bank unattended without another banker serving customers. (Don’t AFK for longer than 5 minutes).

JB4) When being raided your aim is to protect the bank at all costs; don’t let strangers in at all costs!

JB5) Any policies you include when storing printers or any valuables must be clearly displayed in text that is visible to any new player that comes into the bank.


Raid Rules:

R1) To raid a base, make sure to let the admins know by typing in the chat @raiding (base owner); this way if you are accused of RDM there is evidence to support you were raiding them. Do the same thing once you have completed your raid except add completed on the end

R2) Once you’re killed, you are eliminated from the raid and you cannot return back to the base; you are allowed to assist outside of the base involving non-lethal methods such as bringing the printers or acting as a getaway driver.

R3) You cannot raid the same person for at least 15 minutes.

R4) Raids must end automatically if the raid lasts longer than 20 minutes.

R5) Do not raid bases with a ‘Safety Net’ text on their base.

R6) To raid the PD there must be at least 5 active police officers on.

R7) Raid ends automatically once all raiders have been eliminated at which you must follow the procedure on R1


Building Rules:

B1) Prop climbing is identified as using props to enter somebody’s property; trespass

B2) Any player who is below level 5 is permitted to place a ‘Safety Net’ if they are basing solo. It must be clearly displayed on your base text. (It will protect you from raids).

B3) Props cannot block any doors in the base; a player must be able to go through the door frame without any obstacles.

B4) No crouch bases or any mazes

B5) All fading doors must be connected to a trigger; keypad or button

B6) You must be able to enter the base and leave the base without having to use keybinds.

B7) By placing a ‘Building’ sign identifies your base is under construction and it becomes unraidable. Keep in mind that the sign will only last for 30 minutes before it’s automatically taken down. During ‘Building’ you are not allowed to earn anything such as XP or money; to be able to earn such items you must take down the ‘Building’ sign. The building sign only prevents raid, not murder

B8) You are permitted to use 6 fading doors to act as doors for the entrance.

B9) Raiders must be able to progress through base without getting stuck in a raiding party of one.

B10) You are not permitted to create any KOS signs beyond your property; we don’t want any KOS lines across the streets.


Takeover Rules:

T1) To take over a base, you and and the person who owns the base must be in a gang and be rivals at the same time OR both of you must be at least level 50 to begin takeover, both of you cannot be solo during takeover.

T2) To start a takeover, make sure to contact the admin by @Takeover (Base Owner)

T3) To successfully take over a base you are required to: kill all defending members of the building and get your leader to the control panel of the building and spawn in something that can show that the leader was at the control panel.

T4) Defending members are the people who are inside the base before you contact the admin about the raid. Reinforcements are people who join the raid to counter or to join the raid.

T5) During takeover, the attacks and the defending side can send in reinforcements once every 2 minutes. However, once the attackers seize the building, attacks are not permitted reinforcements

T6) You are not allowed to solo-takeover.

T7) Taking over the base doesn’t mean you get to keep the base, you must give up the base after 30 minutes after successfully taking over the base.

T8) Taking over the base doesn’t mean you get to own all fading doors or any props of the base.
T9) You are only permitted to build barricades by stacking props on top of
eachother; it cannot block passages or any players but act as protection.

T10) You can only take over the following property: Sweep Street 1, Avenue Street 1, Avenue Street 3, Avenue Street 4, Avenue Street 5, Avenue Street 6, Avenue Street 8


Gang Rules:

G1) Gangs may not shoot each other unless they are rivals.


If you are unsure if what you are doing is allowed make sure to ask someone who is part of the moderation team to ensure your safety and enjoyment while being on the server.

Edited by RedMan
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