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CS:GO Admin Application Template

Discussion in 'CS:GO Admin Applications [ON]' started by PBFortress, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. PBFortress

    Beep Boop

    Aug 7, 2017
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    Just so that you will understand, being an Admin on our servers isn't about the powers, it's about keeping peace and order with the people who are ruining the experience of others. Being a CS:GO Admin is not as fun as it seems. People will always argue with you no matter what; sometimes, simple gags & mutes wont make it stop. Believe it or not, there are people out there who WILL set a primary goal to try and bring you down in any way possible. Before you will make an application, please ask yourself "Do I want to help PBFortress even though people will try to take me down; or do I want some extra powers to play around with for a short period of time before demotion and even after demotion still having people trying to bring me down?"
    Clean reputation on Steam and PBFortress
    Aged 16 or over (Can be overlooked if VERY mature)
    Fully working microphone

    Want to improve your chances?
    Hang out with us on TS3 or Discord
    Get to know more Staff
    Have a great attitude
    Be mature (But know when to have fun)
    Contribute with discussions on Forums
    Always remember to put effort into your application

    Application Template:
    All prerequisites must be met in order for the application process to continue. Exceptions must be cleared and approved with a Director+.

    Must have a valid mic and be able to use it at all times:
    Check | Uncheck

    Proof of mic (Use https://vocaroo.com/):

    Server group: Retakes | Free For All | AWP Only | Surf | All

    Region: EU | US

    Must be able to speak and write English legibly (minor grammar / spelling errors, able to correct yourself in a timely manner)
    Check | Uncheck

    Must be able to conduct yourself in a professional, positive manner in times of high stress
    Check | Uncheck

    Must have clean reputation on PBFortress (SourceBans infringements are not acceptable)
    Check | Uncheck

    Personal Information


    Age (DD/MM/YYYY):

    Steam ID32:

    Steam ID64:


    Do you have any previous staffing experience in another community?:

    Reason to become an Admin? (At least 150 word paragraph):


    Question 1: A staff member has been called into a server because they have received a report from several members about your closest friend breaking the rules; that staff member is about to ban your friend. Few of the players have already reported your friend although another group of people state that they do not know what your friend has done. What would you do in this situation?:

    Question 2: A staff member is calling you onto a server because another player is claiming that someone is hacking and they say that they have proof. You then join the server and review the possible 'hacker' but actually you determine that it's just a good player, not a hacker. However, your intentions tell you to examine the proof given, and you notice some suspicious skills. What would you do in this situation?:

    Question 3: If you were asked to do something by a Root+ which you had no knowledge of doing, how would you handle/ respond to this situation?:

    Question 4: A fellow member is spreading rude, hateful comments about you on the forum and/or servers. How would you handle/ respond to this situation?:

    Terms of Agreement
    By selecting I agree, you acknowledge that you are aware of all general, forum and server rules and that any form of misconduct may result in severe consequences, which can include immediate termination as a member of staff. You also acknowledge that you may leave your position as staff at any time. Finally, you acknowledge that you are not allowed to edit & reply to your application once you have posted it.
    I agree | I disagree

    To sign off this application, please type in your username in the field below. Thank you.
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