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Join our Discord Server!

The PBFortress discord is a great place to talk and make friends amongst the community.


Our discord server is integrated directly with our forums. This means that almost all of the posts from forums will be instantly put on the discord so that you can see what's happening without having to go onto the forums.

To get the most out of our discord. It would be great if you could link your discord account to your PBFortress account. Linking your Discord account to your PBFortress account is very simple. Just log in at PBFortress and head to your External Accounts Control Panel. Scroll down to the Discord Integration section and follow the steps to link your account. You will be asked to give PBFortress permission to view your account details; make sure to authorize these permissions.

This server and it's integration with PBFortress is a work in progress and as such, we are very much open to ideas and requests. If you have any such ideas and requests that you believe will help expand PBFortress, please let us know!